What We Do

Diversified Demolition provides Excavation, Demolition, Emergency Mitigation, Shoring, Reconstruction and Site Development Services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects
  • Experience:  50+ years in business
  • Insured & Bonded
  • Extensive Knowledge in permit and approval requisites for Demolition
  • Determined to complete your project on time and on budget.
  • Safety is our number one priority.

Our Services

With our diverse knowledge, resources and state-of-the-art equipment, we are fully capable of completing any task.


With advanced equipment and years of experience, we can demolish or dismantle any existing structure, from single-family home to multi-story buildings, factories and whole city blocks. No project is too complex or challenging. We are insured and bonded and put safety first.

We are dedicated to safety compliance, skilled workforce, aggressive deadlines and an effective process to contribute to our growing project portfolio.


With a fleet of vehicles and machinery, we can provide land clearing, surveying, and grading, as well as underground utility installation including electric, gas, waterlines and drainage. For sites that require concrete and asphalt work, we can provide curbing, paving and installation of roads, sidewalks and parking.

We provide trusted, safe and experienced land clearing, excavation, grading & to ensure a firm foundation for your construction project.


With precise planning and compliance to current safety measures, we can remove hazardous materials like asbestos, mold, lead, mercury, and PCBs as an important part of many demolition projects. We will provide safe and efficient management of hazardous materials with dedicated mobile facilities and specialized equipment to ensure effective removal.

With safety as our focus, we remove hazardous materials prior to demolition including asbestos, mold, lead, mercury and PCBs.


With each demolition project, we have the equipment necessary to provide custom concrete crushing in order to recycle and reuse the tons of concrete aggregate collected from the demolished structures or surfaces.  This will not only save construction materials costs for your project but also reduce landfill waste.  We provide concrete demolition of foundations, slabs, bases and parking lots.


Demolition projects produce tons of materials that can be salvaged including wood beams, steel structures, plant equipment, doors, windows, office furniture, piping, metal and concrete. By carefully recovering these items before and during the stages of demolition we can save you future development costs.


Hydroblasting is a productive and cost effective cleaning and surface preparation technique that uses high pressure water to remove surface residue, debris, oxidation, and scale deposits.  Specialty coatings and traffic coatings can often extend the life of a concrete structure and its restoration or repairs. Our hydroblasting provides a deep cleaning of all surfaces without abrasives.


Whether your structure needs reconstruction due to disaster, deterioration or age, we can provide a seamless transition from restoration to reconstruction.  We have experience with hundreds of structural shoring applications including but not limited to building façade shoring, girder shoring & jacking, column shoring & jacking, concrete slab shoring & jacking, temporary decking, and concrete bridge deck shoring.

By recovering and salvaging assets from demolition sites, we can help decrease construction costs, as well as recycle materials for structure reconstruction, stabilization and structural shoring.


If your property has impacted damage from natural disaster, fire or flooding, we have years of experience dealing with demolition amidst challenging environmental conditions.  We understand time is of the essence after a disaster so we provide 24/7 support with quick responses times in relation to your location.

We offer mitigation after a natural disaster to secure your site, assess damage and remove debris, contaminates and unstable structures.